Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you spare a square?...Are You Freezer Worthy???

Ahhhh, yes Elaine (Seinfeld addicts)....THAT is the question I pose today!

Can you "Spare a square???".....toilet paper.....I know it can be difficult to purchase bulk on a budget. It can be quite expensive to do it on your own especially when you first start. That being said, you can really save big time when you buy in bulk. Find a friend, neighbor or relative that will split the cost with you. Heck, you can even split it three ways if you want to. It's a great answer for getting quantity while keeping the cost down. I want to warn you though....just because you are buying bulk doesn't mean you are saving money! What??? That's right. You've got to be a good shopper and know the prices. Occasionally, prices at the big box stores or warehouse stores can be more expensive. Don't'll get better at it the longer you are aware of unit prices. You can save a ton buying in bulk...even spinach. See that ginormous bag at that warehouse store (hint hint..Costco) for $3 something?? Split it with your friend and you have a lot of spinach for a little over buck and a half! So grab a friend and go to your warehouse store and buy that massive package of toilet paper!!!

A big thing for saving on food cost is to have a freezer. Whoa...hold on here....freezers, if you don't already have one or can afford to buy one cost money. I know but it really is a good investment. One possible way to get one is to go to and find a network in your area. Freecycle is a network across the country, and everything offered and received must be absolutely free. You may be able to find a freezer that someone no longer uses or has upgraded and wants someone to just haul it off. Remember if one is available through Freecycle it will be for FREE. No kidding!

If you want to buy a freezer and want to share the cost here is where "Are you Freezer worthy"????? comes you will need a "good" friend or a "good" neighbor or a "good" relative. Hey! Why am I putting "good" in quotations??? Because if you are going to share space in a freezer you NEED good prefacing friend,neighbor or relative. If not, your gonna have one hell of a barn yard cat fight should "somebody" "mistakingly" take one of your rib eye steaks from your half of the freezer!! Oh no you didn't!!! Uh huh, you are going to have to have trust or you're gonna have "that was mine and you took it" fight like having 8 year old's on opposite sides. If you don't think you can find someone to share (play nice)....see if you can find a used one on Craigs list or in your local paper. I've seen average prices to be about $75.00 depending on where you live. BUT for another $75.00 (around $150.00) you can buy a new one and not have to worry if the used one will work for a while.

tip tip tip tip....
Freecycle is a great resource for many things. EVERYTHING is free! The mission of Freecycle is to keep usable items out of landfills and in doing so end up re-using, recycle and reducing all at once. What a concept! So again, go to and search your state and then town for a network in your area. Now you can get rid of that exercise bike you've been meaning to use for the last 3 years other than to hold your dirty laundry. Or someone may just have too many apples on their tree and really want somebody to be able to make good use of them. Think about it...what have you been storing in your house and haven't used in the last 2 years!!! We have aquired a lot of unused useful STUFF!

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